Ladies' section - Joy Dunger

Well! Lady Captain 2024; who’d have thought it? Certainly not me. Back in the day, when I first started playing golf with my dad, you either had to be an aristocrat or very wealthy to be a golf club captain. Thank goodness those days have gone.

My thanks go to our immediate past captain, Becky Philpott, for asking me to be her vice. We have worked closely in 2023 and I have learnt many valuable lessons from her. We have worked hard in trying to increase the ladies’ section and I hope to continue with that. Well done Becky; you can now get back to enjoying your golf.

With the support of the ladies’ section and that of all the committee, I hope to build on encompassing the inclusivity of all members (men and women) to enjoy this wonderful game. I look forward to playing and working with the men’s captain, David Brookes, who I know is of a similar view. Just remember, if we get things right, please tell us; conversely, if you have any suggestions or ideas, please also tell us – we are not clairvoyant and do not have a crystal ball. Having said that, I appreciate that we will never please everybody.

Of course, it goes without saying that we could not enjoy our wonderful golf course without the continuing work put in by Gary and his team and my thanks also go to the staff in the pro shop, the kitchen and on the terrace for all their hard work.

Let’s hope that 2024 brings good news on our long awaited clubhouse/sports bar! Until then, ‘Cheers’.


My charity this year is BLESMA (British Limbless Ex-Servicemen’s Association). They assist veterans by being on hand to provide advice on prosthetics, grants and benefits, as well as providing emotional support to individuals and their families.