As your Chairman I am pleased to address you after my first year in post.

Our shared passion for golf has brought us together and I am as always committed to fostering camaraderie, sportsmanship and the continual improvement of our club.

I would on behalf of all of you like to express my thanks to Peter Woolnough for being our treasurer for so many years and doing such a fantastic job. I am pleased to see that Peter is still involved with the club as Peter is this year Super seventies captain. If Peter follows his success when he was captain of the seniors then the Super Seventies are in for a great year.

As you will know we have had some great successes with our teams this year and I look forward to seeing great results again this year.

The beginning and end of last year was the wettest I can remember and meant that the course had more days lost to closures than any time in its 30-year history.
I hope we see some drainage projects from Cave Golf and some updates to the course.

Last year we updated Clubv1 and have been able to move to online payments for our club competitions thus avoiding the use of cash and saving a lot of work for the competition organizers. We have also been able have our own web page with all our policies, competition dates and many other items on view via the members hub app. This upgrade has been only possible by the hard work of club officers. I would like to thank them all for this great effort.

We are always looking to spread the load of running the club by having more volunteers. Again thank you to those of you who have just joined the team.
We can always use more help.

I would also like to welcome the new Captains - David Brookes, Joy Dunger, Jacques Emler, Peter Woolnough & Archie Ivens. I am sure you will have an enjoyable and successful year ahead.

Together let us ensure our fairways echo with the joy of the game and the bonds of friendship.